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I’ve been a member of Calvary Temple Church in Sterling VA for over 25 years now.  We are passionate about reaching the lost and encouraging the Believers in our community.  We have many Events throughout the year to spread the Gospel.  I hope you find the following story to be a blessing.

I don’t know the first thing about cars. And I should since I was raised in a car family.  Not the kind of car family that collects exotic cars and likes to go look at them and show them off to other car people on weekends.  But the kind that spends their time in the body shop inhaling paint fumes and listening to air drills and compressors.  My dad was a Parts and Service Manager for a dealership and I worked there part time in high school.  We had Fords, which everyone knows stands for Found On Road Dead.  Still, I have always been partial to the Ford Mustang.  Its literally the only car that I recognize and can pick out of a lineup. I must be afflicted with car blindness because all cars look the same to me.

Car people have their own community. They speak their own language and I need an interpreter. They spend every weekend working on their cars. Lovingly detailing them. Polishing them.  Cleaning the air grates with q-tips and tiny brushes. And they like to show their cars off to other car people who appreciate them as only car people can.  How do you share the gospel with car people?  As a rule, people can be hard to witness to if they’re not around.  So if you want to witness to car people you have to go where the cars are.  At Calvary Temple we have an event to bring the cars to us.

Twice a year we host the Finish the Race Car Show and it takes our entire church to make it a success.  Our whole fellowship passes out flyers and posters to promote the event.  On the day of the show, volunteers arrive at 8:00am to set up the tents, tables, sound equipment, awards and signs.  Everyone has a job to do.  From serving food to face painting and games to driving the shuttle buses so spectators can have easy access to the fun.  We even have a group of hospitality people who go around passing out watermelon to the registrants.

Registration begins at 10:00 am as car people like to get here early to get a good spot.  Each registrant gets a goody bag filled with vendor donations, tracts, a food voucher for a free sandwich or hot dog from the Calvary food tent and a book or teaching of Pastor Scott’s.

Our day includes lots of music and 1950’s era gospel performances.  A visit to the lemonade and funnel cake vendor.  A stop by the missionary tent to discuss the current missions work in Africa.  Another visit to the funnel cake vendor.  And all the car viewing, discussing and picture taking you could possibly want and more.  You want to know about tail fins.  We got em.  You want to know about Rumble Seats.  We got em.  How about Fancy Paint jobs.  Yep.  Got that too.

And then there’s the judging.  So. Many. Awards.

Trophy Winners - Summer 2013

This year we had a special visit by one of the Redskins who is a believer and he shared his testimony with the crowd.  Our visitors were very receptive and open to the gospel and we’ve received many prayer requests, praise reports and testimonies from the event.  God is doing wonderful things here and its exciting to be a part of it.

And now I shall list for you my most heinous car sins.  If you are car people you may not want to read any further as it could be too graphic for you.

 1. When I was four I put my mother’s car in reverse while she was putting groceries in the house.  I took the passenger side door off on a tree before she shot back into the car and slammed on the brakes.

 2. When I was eight I left the passenger door of my Aunt’s Pontiac open just a crack and when she turned the corner the door flew open and my little brother fell out of the car.  I didn’t confess to it for over thirty years.

 3. When I bought my first car my only criteria was that it had to have a cassette tape player.

 4. I only added oil to my car when the engine started tapping

 5. I had an old car that was made the year before I was born and it dropped its transmission and wouldn’t go forward.  I had to drive the length of Sterling Boulevard in reverse to get home.  Twice.  I stopped at every light and stop sign and used my signals like it was just another day. *if you are a cop this is in no way an admission of guilt*

6. I once drove a brand new car all the way home with the emergency brake on.  I just thought the engine was sluggish.

7. I bought a car with a manual transmission because it was cool and red and I thought I would learn to drive it later.  – I didn’t.

8. I had a car that would stall out every time I stopped for a red light so I would slow down, put it in neutral and rev the engine until the light turned green then pop it back into drive.  I drove my kids to school in that car for several years.

9. I almost crashed a car because I thought there was a mouse hanging from the rear view mirror.  It was the shadow coming off of the air freshener.

10. I can’t tell one car from another so one time I got into a car that pulled up to the curb thinking it was my husband picking me up.  It wasn’t.  The driver freaked out and thought they were being carjacked.  My apologies did not matter.

Try not to judge me too harshly.

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