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I’ve been a member of Calvary Temple Church in Sterling VA for over 25 years now.  We are passionate about reaching the lost and encouraging the Believers in our community.  We have many Events throughout the year to spread the Gospel.  I hope you find the following story to be a blessing.

Being a parent is hard.  And one of the hardest trials a parent has to face is raising a rebellious child.  My own son decided that he didn’t want to serve God when he was 14.  He wanted to leave our church and go to public school to get some street cred so he could impress other rebellious kids.  We were devastated but we wanted him to come to the realization for himself that he needed Jesus.  His first day of public school, the first kid he met offered him ecstasy and he accepted it.  He was instantly addicted.  If he could get his hands on it he would take it.  He didn’t run with the wrong crowd – he WAS the wrong crowd – and the first time he ran away from home was on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.  Sometimes parenting stinks. get a dog

His school called us in several times and told us that we must be the problem because his behavior was so dangerous and erratic.  A child wouldn’t run away from home unless it was a bad home life – right?  Within two months he was expelled because they couldn’t control him either.

horror sectionOver the next year he was constantly high.  He ran away from home repeatedly.  We had regular visits from the Sheriff’s office and Social Services accusing us of being bad parents.  We expected to be arrested every time there was a knock on the door.

He found a family that believed his fictional sob story about how bad his life was living on the mean streets of Cascades in Loudoun County and they took him in.  They became his enablers as he sat in their house playing video games and getting high every day while they were at work.  His sad day brightened up when their teenage daughter came home from school every day.  I’ll let you connect the dots.  This helpful family assisted him in applying for emancipation on the grounds that we, his parents, were abusive.  We took him to meet with a child psychologist and she wanted to institutionalize him for being a narcissistic sociopathWith the course that he was on he was either going to kill himself or someone else or end up in prison.  The only thing that saved his life was an intervention at Teen Challenge.

Teen Challenge was like a cross between a Juvenile Detention Center, a Military School and a Bible based Rehab Center.  The year and a half he was there was the best time we ever had with him.  He was off the drugs, he repented for all the pain he had caused us, he even counseled with other parents who were bringing their kids to Teen Challenge and encouraged them that they were doing the right thing.  But the change didn’t last.  Within a year of coming home he had run away again and was back on drugs.  He turned 18 about six weeks after leaving and then there was nothing we could do but pray. Four years have gone by and I’m still believing for his salvation.  The passage of scripture the Lord has put in my heart is:

Zephaniah 3:17 – The Lord your God is with you; He is mighty to save.  

I’m believing for my son’s salvation and my heart goes out to other parents who are going through similar circumstances with their children.

God was the perfect parent and both of His kids rebelled.  You are in good company.

In part two we will take a look at a Calvary Temple outreach to the Juvenile Detention Center where the lives of kids just like mine are being saved from a life of drugs and destruction.  Stay tuned.

Check out Michael W Smith’s video Mighty To Save

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