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I’m personally excited about this post, to share how my church family has reached our local community during Halloween.  Now, Halloween can be a controversial holiday for many believers, who do not support what’s behind it.  I used to be apprehensive of it myself.  However, the Lord has told us to, “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel,” Mark 16:15.  Now, I see Halloween as a fabulous opportunity to reach people who are literally coming up to my door.

Here are the testimonies of how two ladies and I were able to minister to our neighborhoods this year.

My Neighborhood – How it Started

Three years ago, it was on the heart of one of the young ladies in our Young Adult group at church, Kristy Lawrence, to reach the kids in a neighborhood near church.  Over twenty Young Adults volunteered their time and money to hand out Bible tracts, act out Bible skits, and coordinate games.  Feel free to read more about it here.



The outreach opened a huge door in my neighborhood.  One of the young boys who had never heard the Bible story of Noah called it the “Pirate Story” because it had a boat.  Cute!  Since that outreach, I keep a, “Kid Box,” with Bible coloring pages, crayons, balloons, several Children’s Bibles, and bubbles.  Any time the kids want, I’ll bring out the Kid Box, and we’ll color, play a game, or read a Bible story.

When Halloween came around the next year, Kristy Lawrence was unavailable, so I organized the outreach that year.  The theme was a Puppet Show, with performances by our Sunday night service’s Puppet Team.  We were able to reach a lot of kids and parents.

Last year, Kristy Lawrence was available.  Since I had been blessed to steadily minister to the kids in my neighborhood, it was on her heart to move the outreach to a new one.  We decorated our cars for a Trunk or Treat, with seven stories from Creation all the way to the Battle for Your Heart.

My Neighborhood – This Year!

This year, however, neither Kristy Lawrence nor I felt like a big outreach was on our hearts.  Instead, I felt that the Lord would perhaps use more of us at our own houses.

 I prayed more than I ever have for the Halloween Outreach this year.

Calvary Temple - Bible Coloring Pages

Calvary Temple - Jesus is the Greatest Treasure signA few weeks before Halloween, I asked a number of ladies from church to specifically pray that the Lord would use the Bible tracts to reach the kids.  Three separate times, the kids in my neighborhood came up and asked to read something!

On the actual night of Halloween, the Lord drew so many kids to my front door that I actually ran out of tracts!  The Lord then reminded me that I had the Bible coloring book, so I quickly tore out some pages and stuffed them in a Ziploc bag with a crayon.  My roommate helped during crunch time, tearing out the pages for me.  So many kids came by that we ran out as fast as we could make them!

One young boy saw the, “Jesus is the Greatest Treasure” sign by my front door.  He said, “Are you a Christian?”  “Yes,” I replied.  “I met a Christian once,” he said.  Then he said he wanted to go to church but couldn’t.  So I encouraged him that, “It’s ok.  God sees.  You can pray to Him.”


Overall, it went very well.  What a blessing to see the hand of God.

Kristy Lawrence’s Neighborhood

Calvary Temple - Kristy's Outreach 2017

This year, it was on Kristy’s heart to reach her own neighborhood.  Her two daughters dressed up in princess gowns, and brought out their cardboard castles as decorations.  Glow necklaces, Bible tracts and candy, and a few games completed her outreach.

Calvary Temple - Don't Be Tricked, Jesus is the Treat!

She was able to reach 80 people, both parents and kids!  A couple of parents made it a point to come back and thank her for what they were doing.  One teenager even said, “This is the best house yet!” after he saw the “Jesus is the Light of the World” sign.

Kristy had been praying for an opportunity to share with a particular neighbor.  She hadn’t seen them since she started praying, but the day before Halloween the Lord allowed their paths to cross.  Kristy had a great opportunity to share.

Stephanie Bright’s Neighborhood

For Stephanie Bright, reaching her neighborhood for Halloween was also a family outreach.  Her three young daughters helped assemble Bible tract pacts with candy.

Calvary Temple - Kids Assembling Tracts

Calvary Temple - Praying for Tracts

Dad praying for Bible tracts with his children

While the Brights did not get any specific opportunities to share the Gospel, they had the highest number of visitors yet!  They also ran out of tracts.  Stephanie ran upstairs to get more candy to meet the high demand!

Before kids started coming, Josh Bright prayed over the tracts with his children.

The girls were excited to hand the tracts out, saying, “Jesus loves you!”  A few people thought this was cute and responded with smiles.  One kid even responded, “Jesus loves you too!”



Overall, our families were very excited to be used by the Lord to reach our local community.  Though full effects of the fruit of this ministry have not yet been seen, we believe that the Lord Jesus is working.  We count it a great privilege to be used, and look forward to what the Lord will do for next year’s Halloween outreach.

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