The Drive-In Movie is not Dead – Gospel Movie Night at Calvary Temple

gospel movie night

I’ve been a member of Calvary Temple Church in Sterling VA for over 25 years now.  We are passionate about reaching the lost and encouraging the Believers in our community.  We have many Events throughout the year to spread the Gospel.  I hope you find the following story to be a blessing.

When I was in high school I had a chemistry teacher named Mr. Maxwell.  He was teaching the theory of evolution from the perspective of someone who believed it to be truth.  I raised my hand and said I didn’t believe in evolution.  He asked me what I believed in and I said I was a Christian and I believed in divine creation.  He asked me where I learned such an idea and I said from the Bible and that I believed the Bible was true.  This did not go over well as you can imagine and he mocked me and said, “Do you believe everything you read?”

As has happened many other times in my life, when realizing that I am about to get into serious trouble, I made the decision that if I am going to go down – I may as well go down in flames with a boom.  So I responded, “Why do you believe in evolution?” To which he said something sciencey about the writings of the great Charles Darwin.  And my sixteen year old answer as I was preparing to get detention was, “Well do you believe everything you read?”

Mr. Maxwell stood there speechless and went “hmm.”  Then we moved on.  I did not get dragged to the clink otherwise known as the principal’s office and the class continued on.  A couple of weeks later Mr. Maxwell went on medical leave and a short time after that we were told that he had died.  He’d had cancer.  I have thought about him many times over the years and wondered if he got Born Again.  If my small inadequate words had done anything to point him to Jesus.  I wish I had said more and been more of a witness to him.

Each year, at the end of the two weeks sports camp palooza, we set up a giant movie screen and invite the community and all of our sports camp families to enjoy an evening under the stars with FREE POPCORN.  The night is a relaxing time of fun and fellowship.  The kids have special games set up to keep them entertained while we wait for dark.  The band plays worship music and you can sing along if you know the words.  As a community service I choose not to sing along – you’re welcome.

outdoor movie

Our drama team performs an original skit with an evangelistic message.  This year the skit was about a man who was so weighed down by the distractions of the world that he couldn’t hear the voice of God.  I played an old woman who got tripped by the devil and rolled off the stage.  I need to find a new ministry that is less painful but the band won’t have me.  See above.

One favorite feature at Movie Night is the bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I need to find a way to get the roasted marshmallows into the FREE POPCORN.  That will be an action item for next year’s movie.

Right before the movie begins Pastor Jon Miller will present the gospel and share with our visitors that Jesus died for them so they could be reconciled to a Holy God for eternity.  Each of the movies have an evangelistic message to them.  In the past we have shown the following:

  • Left Behind
  • Time Changer
  • The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
  • Fireproof
  • Home Run – Pastor Scott’s favorite

This year we showed God’s Not Dead.  A freshman in College defends God’s existence to his Philosophy Professor who is a professed atheist.  It was an excellent message with some fascinating statistics that will leave you very excited about what God is doing and you will want to be a bolder witness for Jesus.

Gospel Movie Night only comes around once a year so be on the lookout for the next one.  We have hundreds of visitors who hear the gospel through the music, skits, message and movie.  It is my favorite outreach here at Calvary Temple.  And it has FREE POPCORN!  How can that not be good.

Why am I craving popcorn now?

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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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