What is Happening at Calvary Temple in Sterling VA?

A Christian has two prime responsibilities in the Word of God.

  • To build up and encourage the members of the church.
  • To share the gospel with the Lost.

Jesus’ final words to the church as recorded in Matthew 28:19-20 were to go into all the world and share the gospel and make disciples.  There are many ways to share the gospel but only one message.  God sent his only Son to die on a cross for the sins of mankind so that by believing in Him we could be forgiven and have a relationship with God for eternity.

I’m a member of Calvary Temple Church in Sterling, Virginia under Pastor Star Scott.  It’s a lot like going to a family reunion several times a week.  Everyone knows everyone, they can’t wait to hear all about whatever is going on in your life, and you are all bonded by the same blood.  And just like a real family we can get on each other’s nerves and have disagreements – but that’s a topic for another day.  One thing we can all agree on:

Jesus has changed our lives for good. 

He’s given us hope, joy and peace.  And we want others to know that His love is for them too.  I know what it’s like to be lost and I know what it’s like to be found.  Found is better.  Found is no more fear.  Found is no more loneliness.  Found is peace in the middle of life’s most painful trials.

We are blessed that Pastor Scott has a burden to reach lost and hurting people who need Jesus.  As a congregation we share that burden and pray for opportunities to minister to our friends, neighbors and coworkers as well as the lonely, the broken, and forgotten members of society.  We have made it a priority at Calvary Temple to reach out with love to our whole community.  Even people who think they have everything still need Jesus. 

Over the course of the coming months I am going to introduce you to many of the programs and outreaches we have going on here in my church.

Our members are always coming up with new ways to spread the gospel and share the Love of Jesus.  I am confident that the testimonies and praise reports will bless and encourage you.

If you haven’t yet discovered the Love of Jesus for yourself, let us know so we can pray for you.  Reply to me below if you want to talk to someone about this whole Christianity thing and what it’s all about.

There is nothing we like more than telling people about how great our God is.

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