The Last Safe Place to go Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

I can only remember caroling a couple of times in my life, and both times were awkward exchanges of out-of-tune butchery of popular Christmas Songs.  I think we’ve all seen enough American Idol to realize that there can be a huge gulf between perceived singing ability and actual singing ability.  By the end of the night, all songs were abandoned except for Jingle Bells, and someone’s little brother tried to sneak in the Batman Smells version.

I’ve been a member of Calvary Temple Church in Sterling VA for over 25 years now.  We are passionate about reaching the lost and encouraging the Believers in our community.  We have many Events throughout the year to spread the Gospel. I hope you find the following story to be a blessing.

Caroling always sounded like a good idea until you got out there and discovered:

 It was much colder than you expected and singing while your teeth are chattering is not a popular vocal medium.

 You don’t actually know all the words to the songs and have to hmmmrmmmher during the tricky parts.

 Your friends can’t carry a tune any better than you can so forget relying on Fred to stick to just one key.

 People tend to think it’s weird that you are standing on their lawn singing. You’re looking at them singing hmmmmrmmmmher and they’re watching you wondering if this is a new cult that just joined the neighborhood.

 You shouldn’t launch into the Twelve Days of Christmas unless you know for sure what all the presents are or your audience has a lot of patience to listen to fifteen minutes of “9 Ducks a Quacking” and “11 Guys a Grilling”.

There is still one safe place where people appreciate the festiveness of Caroling:  The Senior Homes.  I’ve shared with you in the past about the Calvary Temple outreach to the area nursing homes.  For Christmas, our volunteers go all out to spread the love of Jesus with some Christmas Cheer.  Even our Children get involved as they perform parts of their Christmas Pageant for residents of the Sunrise Nursing Home in Sterling, VA.

manor care caroling

Room to Room Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

manor care Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

Caroling with those who could not join the party.

Last month, teams from the church visited the two facilities: Manor Care in Fairfax, VA, and Tall Oaks in Reston, VA.  The mission was to go room to room caroling before having a Group Sing-Along Christmas Party for the residents.  The night they visited Manor Care, the residence was having their annual Christmas Dinner.  As it was, many of the resident’s family members were visiting and were able to join the seniors for the party. The residents loved singing the carols and many of them knew the words by memory.  They probably would have known “7 Sheep a Shearing” is wrong.

manor care couple

manor care singing

Manor Care Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

After the singing, the teams shared a powerful message about the real meaning of Christmas and the hope we have in Jesus.  We are living in difficult times.  Things we never thought we would see happen are taking place right before our eyes. The Jesus who came to take our sins upon Himself so we could be reconciled to God is coming back for His church very soon.

jamie teaching cropped

Sharing the Message – Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach



Tom sharing the Gospel

Tom sharing the Gospel – Caroling Calvary Temple Sterling VA Outreach

Afterwards, there was a time of refreshments and fellowship with the residents, many of whom do not usually attend the Bible Studies but came out for the special event.  Then there was a time of sharing one-on-one with the seniors, encouraging them in the Word and praying with them.

manor care one on one

Sharing one-on-one

Tall Oaks Fellowship

Tall Oaks Fellowship

Tall Oaks Ladies

Tall Oaks Ladies

What an honor to spend time with these special people at this most special time of the year.  Sharing the Love of Jesus and spreading the Gospel is the truest meaning of what Christmas is all about.

My Favorite Christmas Song when I was a kid.  I would have gone caroling for this.

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Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

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